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My ambition is to write a new story of gastronomy
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My name is Dieuveil but you can call me Malonga. I am a young gourmet chef and my specialty is Afro-Fusion cuisine. A subtle blend of tradition and modernity. A culinary bridge between African flavours and Western cuisine. My roots and my values are grounded in my name, Malonga, a legacy from my parents that I will keep forever. My young story is a journey struck by fate. An unlikely route made of encounters, sacrifice, brewing, exchange, and sharing opportunities. Everyday I aim at transcending African cuisine. At 13 my fortune took me to Germany where I was warmly welcomed. There began a new life and also a very different one. Cooking and Music soon became my tools of choice to express myself.

This sensitivity is at the crossroad of Africa and the West. Two cultures sometimes opposed but always complementary which will shape my personality and my inspiration. Hard work and dedication got me integrating top culinary school and win severals competitions. Being a young black chef in Germany also brought me media attention. But furthermore I had the honour to incorporate prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants in Germany: Schote (*), Life (***), and Aqua (***).

I’m forever gratefull for these opportunities that allowed me to perfect my craft and master the highest standard of the profession. My journey continues in Marseille, France where I took part in the launch of the Intercontinental Hotel gourmet restaurant.

M6 tv channel then recruited me to participate in the 2014 edition of Top Chef. This will take me to Paris, a city that breathes gastronmy with young chef reiventing themselves daily. This passion for cuisine and this will to shed light on african treasures is what made me want to take the plunge and set up shop. Things accelerated from there and I was soon booked to cook for prestigious clients and institutions. I strive to surprise through my creations and to share what I have felt and learned through my yet young but rich journey. My ambition is to write a new story of gastronomy which has its roots in Africa and contribute to establish furthermore African cuisine as gourmet. Dieuveil Malonga.